Services & Specialties

Individual Consultation

You may seek individual therapy if:

  • ​You want to work on a specific behavior

  • You are feeling anxious, sad or angry

  • You have had a traumatic experience or loss

  • You are having a problem with drugs or alcohol

  • You have a general need to be more "well"

    Couples Counseling

You and your partner may want to utilize couples counseling if:

  • You are arguing more then usual​

  • You are contemplating seperating

  • You are unhappy in your relationship

  • There has been infidelity

  • You are frustrated with sex, finances, parenting or responsibilities

Group Counseling

Group Counseling is a therapeutic intervention that is beneficial because:

  • The group helps you feel "not alone"

  • Other group members may have suggestions not thought of by the therapist

  • Empathy is given and received

  • Human connection is an important part of wellness

Family Therapy

You may consider family counseling if:

  • The family unit is going through a difficult time

  • The household feels unorganized, chaotic or there is conflict

  • You are having a difficult time getting along

  • There has been an event that has effected the entire family


The therapists at Hello Wellness each have unique specialties. Please see our bio section or ask our intake specialist when you call about certain specialties.
Some may include:


Such As:

Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy, EMDR, psychotherapy, wellness model, story writing


Such As:

Depression, PTSD, specific phobias, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Post Partum Depression


Such As:

LGBTQ, children, couples, elderly, caregivers, culture specific, spiritual specific, medical disabilities, pain


Such As:

Your connection with your therapist should be one that feels comfortable.  Our personalities range and if you have difficulty connecting with one, we will find you a better match