Navigating in Woods
Hello Wellness.  Welcome to our village.

It was a time that we were all looking for a direction.

It was a time that a group of professionals with similar interests sat in a room.

It was 2020.

Karly King established Hello Wellness in the summer of 2020.  It was at the height of the COVID crises, a time of social unwellness and a moment in time that so many were searching for their own path.

Karly invited a group of therapists that she respects and felt would help her make a village.  A village of support, wellness and with an overall feeling of peace.  She hand chose that first group.  They met in her living room.  They talked about the world, the issues and how they effect the everyday mental health in everyone. 

They spoke about their specialties, their interests...but, most of all....how they can come together to create a haven for those that need a guide on their own journey.

They spoke of trauma, addiction, stress, depression, anxiety, conflict, sexuality, family dynamics, abuse....but, most of all, they spoke of


Karly started this practice with an eclectic group of individuals that each bring a certain strength to an overall village of healing and hope.  

Expect kindness.

Expect a space of no judgement

Expect professionals with experience and skills

Expect support on your journey.

We look forward to meeting you.

-Karly & the Village